tiistai 2. helmikuuta 2016

i want.

i want your fingers tangled up in my messy hair,
i want five whispers that sound like screams or at least a pair,
i want neediness and desire,
i want my drug to get me higher,
cause i want to be your drug too,
and in this world full of drugs i only wanna do you,
i want sore throats and cracked up voices,
i want hickeys, burns and terrible choices,
i want to scream into the night,
i want to feel like i’m alright,
i want to feel like i’m loved, i want to feel like i matter,
although i would bring you the stars just to make you feel better,
i want sober thoughts from a drunken mind,
i want curled up toes and fingers intertwined,
but most of all, i want you,
i want a not so broken heart, and to break through,
i want a person with some bones, lungs and a brain,
i want you, cause in my bones you left a permanent stain.