keskiviikko 14. syyskuuta 2016

when we turn 12.

when we turn 12 we are being told that when a boy kicks you or pulls your ponytail it only means he likes you. we are told that teasing and bullying is a sign of love. then we turn 14 and start wearing shorts and tank tops, and getting looks and whistles from men twice our age. we learn that showing a little skin makes us wantable, makes us worth their time and their looks. 
by the time we’re 15 we have been called a whore or a slut by the boys in our school for showing a little too much skin. we notice how we can control people and their mindsets with our bodies and clothes on top of it. 
then we hit the sweet 16 which means that we become walking candy that men, still twice our age, say they want to have a taste of. we go to parties and know how our parents would not be proud because we are so wasted that we can barely say no when the boy we just met shoves their hand down our pants. 
the age of 17 comes along and we now think we’re all grown up and we know how to dress and how to take care of ourselves. we don’t pay attention to the guy who gets off at the same bus stop as us and who just happens to walk the same way as us. we hear the whistle that we don't care to react to anymore because we know this is how its gonna be for at least the rest of our teenage years. and then, someone grabs our hand. now something that we have only read about in the magazines is about to happen to us, the girls who wear clothes that they find cute and comfortable, but who are not asking for anything. and in that moment there are just 2 people on the street and whatever we do its not enough. by the time we get home we dont say anything, we take a few showers and then try to sleep away the utter feeling of disgust. 
when we turn 12, dont let what we wear become the biggest danger of all.

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